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"Thank You, you have restored my faith in health insurance!"—Plan Participant

"I’ve had to deal with many customer service representatives in my years, and I really appreciate the time and consideration your Care Coordinators took in helping me. Never did they make me feel rushed, or feel uneducated… Heck, I’m a nobody, but even a nobody knows what it feels like when someone treats them like a somebody!" —Plan Participant

"You guys are great. You have saved me from a million headaches!" —Plan Participant

"I wanted you to know that your Care Coordinators are the most helpful people I have ever dealt with. This is a wonderful program and I really appreciate it. I am chronically ill and have had three surgeries and they made everything run so smoothly. You have taken so much pressure off of me and this is the best program I have ever experienced!" —Plan Participant

"Let me be the first one to tell you today, Thank you. You are the greatest thing since pockets on a shirt, right up there with sliced bread."—Plan Participant

"My Care Coordinators are so far ahead of me, they think of the answer before I even know the question."—Plan Participant

"Unfortunately, my husband and I have had to use the health plan a lot this year. I wanted you to know that I have called the Care Coordinators quite a bit and everyone I speak with is friendly, helpful, and solves my problem or answers my questions every time. Customer service in most companies is bad but you guys go above and beyond and have the best customer service I have ever experienced."—Plan Participant

"I’ve been working on this stuff on my own and didn’t know I could call you guys for help! Thank you (so) much for taking the time to talk with me this morning. It was a tremendous help to have someone who could answer questions and not use all the medical jargon. Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness. They mean a great deal to my family and me. We will make it through this hurdle!" —Plan Participant

"Providing a service such as Coordinated Health/Care is wonderful because I can recuperate instead of having to deal with issues out of my control that I don't understand. I can't thank you enough."-Plan Participant

"I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with one of your Care Coordinators. She walked me through my benefits. She was patient, simplified everything, and offered me so many options. I cannot begin to tell you how thoughtful and considerate she was."-Plan Participant

"I just want to tell you that the Care Coordinators have been so helpful. It's really a pleasure to call."-Plan Participant